Denys Morozov is the world's most winning kumite coach.  Normally athletes would have to travel to Europe to train with a coach of this Caliber.  

Coach Morozov had won every title you can win multiple times, his record includes 2 Olympic medals, 54 Premier League, World Games, European games and more.

April 6th in Las Vegas NV you can train and meet Coach Denys Morozov.

Where?  Planet Holywood.

Times- Beginner through Intermediate 


Advanced through Elite 


Seminar course- 

Advanced and Elite

European Kumite drills and technical skills with strategic planning.

Learn what sets the Europeans apart for the USA.  

Beginner- Intermediate

Kumite drills, Stances and strategic planning for the mid level athletes 

SPECIAL FOR ALL REGISTERED ATHLETES-  Get access to zoom trainings with Denys Morozov.  He excepting 25 athletes only.  

Any questions please email 

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Becky Singleton