2024 Denver High Caliber (SAVE THE DATE)


ID Division Scheduled
S1 5 & under Boys/Girls Beg/Nov Kumite T.B.D.
S2 6-7 Boys Beginners - Kumite T.B.D.
S3 6-7 Girls Beginners - Kumite T.B.D.
S4 6-7 Boys Novice - Kumite T.B.D.
S5 6-7 Girls Novice - Kumite T.B.D.
S6 6-7 Boys Int/Adv - Kumite T.B.D.
S7 6-7 Girls Int/Adv - Kumite T.B.D.
S8 8-9 Boys Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S9 8-9 Girls Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S10 8-9 Boys Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S11 8-9 Girls Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S12 8-9 Boys Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S13 8-9 Girls Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S14 8-9 Boys Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S15 8-9 Girls Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S16 10-11 Boys Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S17 10-11 Girls Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S18 10-11 Boys Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S19 10-11 Girls Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S20 10-11 Boys Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S21 10-11 Girls Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S22 10-11 Boys Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S23 10-11 Girls Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S24 12-13 Boys Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S25 12-13 Girls Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S26 12-13 Boys Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S27 12-13 Girls Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S28 12-13 Boys Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S29 12-13 Girls Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S30 12-13 Boys Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S31 12-13 Girls Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S32 14-15 Boys Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S33 14-15 Girls Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S34 14-15 Boys Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S35 14-15 Girls Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S36 14-15 Boys Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S37 14-15 Girls Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S38 14-15 Boys Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S39 14-15 Girls Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S40 16-17 Boys Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S41 16-17 Girls Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S42 16-17 Boys Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S43 16-17 Girls Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S44 16-17 Boys Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S45 16-17 Girls Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S46 16-17 Boys Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S47 16-17 Girls Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S48 18- 34 Mens Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S49 18- 34 Mens Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S50 18- 34 Mens Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S52 18- 34 Womens Beginner Kumite T.B.D.
S53 18- 34 Womens Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S54 18- 34 Womens Intermediate Kumite T.B.D.
S56 35-44 Mens Beginner/Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S57 35-44 Womens Beg/Nov Kumite T.B.D.
S58 35-44 Men Inter/Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S59 35-44 Womens Inter/Adv Kumite T.B.D.
S60 45+ Mens Beginner/Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S61 45+ Womens Beginner/Novice Kumite T.B.D.
S62 45+ Men Inter/Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S63 45+ Womens Inter/Advanced Kumite T.B.D.
S64 18- 34 Mens Advanced -75kg Kumite T.B.D.
S65 18- 34 Mens Advanced +75kg Kumite T.B.D.
S66 18- 34 Womens Adv -60kg Kumite T.B.D.
S67 18- 34 Womens Adv +60kg Kumite T.B.D.
SFT1 5 & under Boys/Girls {My First Time} Kumite T.B.D.
SFT2 6-7 Boys {My First Time} Kumite T.B.D.
SFT3 6-7 Girls {My First Time} Kumite T.B.D.
SFT4 8-9 Boys {My First Time} Kumite T.B.D.
SFT5 8-9 Girls {My First Time} Kumite T.B.D.

King of the Ring

ID Division Scheduled
KOR-1 King of the Ring 5 & under - Boys/Girls T.B.D.
KOR-2 King of the Ring {ages 6-7} - Male T.B.D.
KOR-3 King of the Ring {ages 6-7} - Female T.B.D.
KOR-4 King of the Ring {ages 8-9} - Male T.B.D.
KOR-5 King of the Ring {ages 8-9} - Female T.B.D.
KOR-6 King of the Ring {ages 10-11} - Male T.B.D.
KOR-7 King of the Ring {ages 10-11} - Female T.B.D.
KOR-8 King of the Ring {ages 12-13} - Male T.B.D.
KOR-9 King of the Ring {ages 12-13} - Female T.B.D.
KOR-10 King of the Ring {ages 14-15} - Male T.B.D.
KOR-11 King of the Ring {ages 14-15} - Female T.B.D.
KOR-12 King of the Ring {ages 16-17} - Male T.B.D.
KOR-13 King of the Ring {ages 16-17} - Female T.B.D.
KOR-14 King of the Ring {ages 18+} - Male T.B.D.
KOR-15 King of the Ring {ages 18+} - Female T.B.D.


ID Division Scheduled
K1 5 & under Boys/Girls Beg/Nov Kata T.B.D.
K2 6-7 Boys Beginners - Kata T.B.D.
K3 6-7 Girls Beginners - Kata T.B.D.
K4 6-7 Boys Novice - Kata T.B.D.
K5 6-7 Girls Novice - Kata T.B.D.
K6 6-7 Boys Int/Adv - Kata T.B.D.
K7 6-7 Girls Int/Adv - Kata T.B.D.
K8 8-9 Boys Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K9 8-9 Girls Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K10 8-9 Boys Novice Kata T.B.D.
K11 8-9 Girls Novice Kata T.B.D.
K12 8-9 Boys Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K13 8-9 Girls Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K14 8-9 Boys Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K15 8-9 Girls Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K16 10-11 Boys Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K17 10-11 Girls Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K18 10-11 Boys Novice Kata T.B.D.
K19 10-11 Girls Novice Kata T.B.D.
K20 10-11 Boys Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K21 10-11 Girls Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K22 10-11 Boys Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K23 10-11 Girls Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K24 12-13 Boys Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K25 12-13 Girls Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K26 12-13 Boys Novice Kata T.B.D.
K27 12-13 Girls Novice Kata T.B.D.
K28 12-13 Boys Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K29 12-13 Girls Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K30 12-13 Boys Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K31 12-13 Girls Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K32 14-15 Boys Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K33 14-15 Girls Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K34 14-15 Boys Novice Kata T.B.D.
K35 14-15 Girls Novice Kata T.B.D.
K36 14-15 Boys Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K37 14-15 Girls Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K38 14-15 Boys Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K39 14-15 Girls Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K40 16-17 Boys Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K41 16-17 Girls Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K42 16-17 Boys Novice Kata T.B.D.
K43 16-17 Girls Novice Kata T.B.D.
K44 16-17 Boys Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K45 16-17 Girls Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K46 16-17 Boys Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K47 16-17 Girls Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K48 18- 34 Mens Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K49 18- 34 Mens Novice Kata T.B.D.
K50 18- 34 Mens Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K51 18- 34 Mens Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K52 18- 34 Womens Beginner Kata T.B.D.
K53 18- 34 Womens Novice Kata T.B.D.
K54 18- 34 Womens Intermediate Kata T.B.D.
K55 18- 34 Womens Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K56 35-44 Mens Beginner/Novice Kata T.B.D.
K57 35-44 Womens Beginner/Novice Kata T.B.D.
K58 35-44 Men Inter/Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K59 35-44 Womens Inter/Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K60 45+ Mens Beginner/Novice Kata T.B.D.
K61 45+ Womens Beginner/Novice Kata T.B.D.
K62 45+ Men Inter/Advanced Kata T.B.D.
K63 45+ Womens Inter/Advanced Kata T.B.D.
Para1 17 and under Boys/Girls Challenged/Handicapped Kata - all levels T.B.D.
Para2 18+ Boys/Girls Challenged/Handicapped Kata - all levels T.B.D.