Tournament In a Box supports WKF electronic scoring and electronic scoring for kata

This is accomplished via our website or running our software on your local area network.  The only thing that you need is a QR scanner to facilitate the process of opening ring assignments for your judges.

Tournament In a Box's electronic scoring works across any mobile device android or IOS wether its a cell phone or tablet, your device needs only to support HTML5 and javascript.

We recommend the free, ad free QR Reader by Trend Micro, its light weight, and no hassle.  Click Here to get the Android Version or search your favorite app store.


The software works by server client architecture that is scalable for your own private network, or you can just use ours via internet access.  Once the division is charted, you simply confirm you are using 3,5, or 7 officials and optionally assign officials to your ring.

Once that is done simply scan the provided QR code with your device and launch the mobile app, and being scoring!


Server Ring Manager   Server Electronic (or Non Electronic) Scoring
Mobile View Login and Match Selection Finger Friendly Scoring Interface (Responsive Display) Confimation Screen and Moving to Next Match

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